Reporters Laugh at White House Spokesman when He says that 6 Years Isn’t Long Enough to Review the Keystone XL Pipeline

When the White House press corps is laughing at your answer – you know the answer probably wasn’t very good.

In an interesting Q and A with White House reporters, Obama spokesman Josh Earnest isn’t even trying to hide the fact that his answer is ridiculous. He knows it is, and the reporters covering the White House know it is. The State Department (and other government agencies have had 6+ years to analyze the effects of the Keystone Pipeline and they still haven’t accomplished their task. In that time, several other studies of the Pipeline have been done, none showing any negative environmental impact. In fact, the net effect on the environment will be positive because the Pipeline will reduce the possibility of accidents with oil being transported by truck, train or boat.

Watch as the reporters laugh, the press secretary grins, and the American people get screwed.