Relations Between Russia and Turkey getting Tense

For almost four hundred years, there has been conflicting between Turkey and Russia.  In the 18th Century, there was conflict over Crimea and the states of Georgia and Dagestan (Chechnya).  The conflict and political hedging between the two nations continued up until the end of the First World War.  The only thing that cooled the heated relations is that the Turkeys were ruled by Socialist leaning Kemal Ataturk.

Over the last hundred years, the relationship has been further hampered by Turkey’s entrance into NATO.  As well as Turkey’s interests in the Middle East and Russia’s ally Syria.  And with Russian troops now operating in Syria, Turkey seems antsy.   But things may have gotten worse.

Fox reports

A Turkish jet shot down a Russian drone that entered its airspace near the Syrian border Friday, a senior defense official confirms to Fox News.

A military statement said the aircraft was shot down after it ignored three warnings for it to leave.

If this report is confirmed, it will be the second incident in which Turkey claims that Russia violated its air space.

Fox continues

Turkey earlier this month complained about violation of its airspace by Russian warplanes. The intrusions also drew strong condemnation from its NATO allies.

The trouble is that Russia claims that it was not its drone.  They claim that Turkey has mistakenly reported the wrong drone as being shot down.

Fox reports

In Moscow, a senior military officer strongly denied that the drone was Russian.

“I state with absolute responsibility that all our drones are either performing tasks or staying at the base,” Col.-Gen. Andrei Kartapolov of the Russian military’s General Staff said at a meeting with foreign military attaches in Moscow.

This would mean that Russia is not the owner of the recently downed drone.  There are currently only two other countries operating drones in Syria.  Syria and the United States.  But, it would be only a logical conclusion that this was further pushing by Russia.

Fox continued

Turkey has also reported numerous incidents of harassment of its F-16 jets patrolling the Syrian border, by Syrian fighter planes or Syria-based surface-to-air missile systems locking radar on them.

The Turkish government has shown that it will not stand by while others abuse their sovereignty.  They are ready and willing to take action to protect itself from intruders.  But, who is telling the truth here?

As I have reported, there is strong indication that Turkey has an interest in settling the conflict in Syria.  This would allow them to accomplish several goals at once.  They could stop the flow of refugees.  They could rid themselves of a pro-Russian regime in Syria.  They would have the pretense on which to disarm any Kurdish Military groups on their southern border.  And lastly they could remove the reason for a Russian military presence in Syria.

With this in mind, it just may be a false flag set up by Istanbul to provide the justification they would need to invade their southern neighbor.  The Turks could play Russia’s game knowing that it is unlikely that Putin is willing to go to war over Syria.