Poll Shows Left Blames System Rather Than Criminals

It is no surprise to anyone that in a Post/ABC poll, there was found to be a wide divide. It is normal, the division that now exists in this country. There is the religious divide. There is the racial divide. And, now more than ever there is the political divide. For more than a decade, we have seen a growing gap between people based on political views.
The poll dealt with the treatment of minorities by the justice system. To no one surprise, black Americans perceive that minorities are unequally treated in the justice system. For many years, they have claimed that the figures point to harsher treatment of minorities, especially blacks. Numbers in 2013 shocked the country when it was discovered that there were more black men in jail than in college. That 1 in 6 black men have been in prison or jail and that 1 in 3 would be.
These high numbers seem to the black community a disproportionate handling of blacks in the criminal system. They claim it is a system that is set against them because of their skin color. That the system does not work for those blacks who face charges, they did not commit. Now, many in the white community agree.
The Post/ABC poll shows not that this racial divide is narrowing on this opinion. More white people are beginning to hear and believe this complaint. They think as does the majority of the black community that this number is based on bias or prejudice rather than guilt. This coming together on this view is a sign of more division rather than less though.
The reason for the shift is more ideological than anything. The increase in whites believing that minorities are treated unfairly occurs only in those who claim to be Democrats. That is a shift from 1988, when AP and Media General did a similar poll, finding only a 13 percent gap. By 2007, that gap had tripled.
This points to the fact that our country has two groups of people. We live in a country that see America in two very different ways. One sees the justice system in our country as colorblind and fair to all people. The other sees this corrupt and biased system set to repress and imprison a group or groups of people.
The left want to call out statistics and claim that this proves that the system is broken. They claim that there has to be bias and prejudice, the numbers do not lie. Yet, no one wants to deal with the real issues here. No one wants to talk about the leading contributing factors to these numbers. This is the product of government welfare and government housing.
The fact that these numbers are the reality. That it is an indictment on the system, the liberal left created. These numbers are proof of the failure of the nanny state to make things equal between the ethnic groups. This is what no one wants to say.
Rather than using the numbers to drive a wedge between us or as a political lever, why not ask the critical question. Are all these men criminals? Only until we are willing to look honestly at the issue will this ever get better. Are these numbers a reflection of a broken legal system or of the fact that the government has delved into an area that it does not belong?
We always want to blame others. It is a problem with humans that goes back to the garden. But, we have to own what we do. It is time for all involved to take responsibility.
If we do not answer this question correctly we will only see this gap widen to the point that no real dialog will be possible.