Please Governor Huckabee – Don’t Campaign with Spite

The brilliant Iowa conservative and radio host, Steve Deace, had some incredibly insightful commentary to share with his friends on Facebook this past Monday. Deace called on his readers to harken back about eight years to the failing presidential campaign being run by Colorado Republican Tom Tancredo, and begged Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR) to learn the lesson of history and to stop his misguided attacks on Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Here’s what Deace had to say:

Eight years ago, Tom Tancredo was polling about where Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum are polling now. He was getting ready to drop out of the race, and very butt-hurt that this upstart former governor from Arkansas — that in his mind had never really been tested — had stolen all his thunder. Especially since he viewed Huckabee as soft on immigration/amnesty.

But Tancredo still had money left, so what to do with it?

Tancredo decided what he would do is spend his last remaining campaign dollars on attacking Huckabee on his way out the door just because he wanted to try and hurt him. He knew he had no shot to win, but he just didn’t want Huckabee to win, either.

Except those ads never ran. You know why?

Because an honorable man named Bill Salier, who was Tancredo’s caucus campaign director, told Tancredo that if he ran those ads he would resign and publicly rebuke him. That though he agreed with the criticism of Huckabee on the issue, as a marine he didn’t believe in fighting unwinnable wars just to fight. That if Tancredo had a chance to win that would be different, but it’s obvious he doesn’t. So this isn’t playing to win, but pure spite. Not to mention, we don’t do business that way in Iowa. That when the caucuses are over, all these activists still have to find a way to work together after the circus leaves town. And that’s even harder when candidates make it personal.

I thought about that moment eight years ago as I watch Huckabee (and Santorum who is even less relevant) launch attack-after-attack on Cruz, which has absolutely zero chance to help their nothing burger candidacies. This isn’t campaigning. It’s throwing a temper tantrum.

Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

It’s one thing to lose a campaign. It’s entirely another to lose your honor.

Please, Governor Huckabee. Please don’t end your political career by choosing to act in a manner that doesn’t fit what so many Americans have come to believe about you. Do the honorable thing and bow out gracefully. Ted Cruz doesn’t deserve your anger, ire or shame, and you deserve better than to be remembered as the guy who dropped into the gutter to help the establishment win.


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