Obama’s Ties to Rev. Wright is Worse than Scalise’s Ties to David Duke

Charles Krauthammer said what everyone was thinking but no one in the media was willing to admit. Congressman Steve Scalise’s crime of speaking before a group of racists 12 years ago is not as bad as President Obama’s decision to a befriend and attend the church of a racist around the same time.

While Jeremiah Wright is not a popular topic in the liberal media, he is an extremist who espouses racially divisive and hateful ideas. President Obama chose to attend Reverend Wright’s church and even sat under some of his most glaringly evil sermons. Yet, President Obama holds no culpability for this?

Meanwhile, Steve Scalise once spoke before a group of racists, of whom he says, he had no idea of their racial views. (Scalise was there to speak about tax policy.) Liberal magazine Slate is even reporting that Scalise likely didn’t even speak at the event, but before a smaller group earlier in the day.

“I think the key question here is not just that this happened 12 years ago, but as far as I can tell, there is not a shred of evidence that there is anything in the intervening 12 years which would indicate any evidence of racism, hostility or ill will or anything of this nature. Which means it is just a single event 12 years. Given the absence of anything else in the 12 years, I think it’s a pretty drastic thing to did to demand that he step down.

There is a double standard. Obama became didn’t just wander into Jeremiah Wright’s church one time 12 years ago. He sat in it for 22 years as the man who is a racist raved against America and talked about 9/11 being chickens coming home to roost… These aren’t even comparable.”



Krauthammer is right.

Being associated with Jeremiah Wright (as closely as Obama was) is worse than this random happenstance speech that Rep. Scalise gave over a decade ago.