Obama’s Mouthpiece Josh Earnest Struggles to Defend His Own Ridiculous Statements

Both President Obama and his mouthpiece Press Secretary Josh Earnest have in recent days made the ridiculous claim that “99% of the world” agrees with them on the Iran deal. The Obama team’s deplorable attempt at math just didn’t sit right with ABC’s Jon Karl, and he made that very clear when questioning Earnest about the 99% claim during last Friday’s press briefing.

Jon Karl: Help me with the math… where is this number coming from?

Josh Earnest: Well, I guess if you look at the population of the countries that are represented in this particular agreement, the vast majority–the 99 percent of the world, is on the side of the United States and international partners in implementing this agreement.

Karl didn’t seem to buy this answer either, so he continued to press him specifically asking if Iran’s Middle Eastern neighbors were among the “99%” of the world who supported the deal.

Jon Karl: Do the Saudi’s support the deal? Do the Emirates support this deal? Do the Israelis support this deal?

 Of course they don’t, Jon! But Josh Earnest couldn’t say that, so he continued deferring comment to those nations before cutting Karl off and telling him who DID support the deal.

Obviously Jonathan Karl’s point was simple: 99% of the world does NOT support this deal, so stop pretending that they do. Perhaps a majority of interested nations support the deal, but that hardly makes the deal a good one, not to mention, there is no way that the numbers of people supporting the deal come close to such a large majority.

The Obama administration doesn’t care about silly things like facts or truth though! It’s nice to see the main stream media calling them out on something… even if it’s on such a trivial point.