Obama Tells Funny Joke: Says He has “The Best” Strategy to Beat ISIS

How is anyone ever surprised that we mock President Obama?

In a recent interview with NPR’s Steve Inskeep (who is a drooling Obama sycophant), the President actually argued that the GOP doesn’t have a plan to fight ISIS and that he (the President) actually has “the best” strategy to defeat the ISIS threat. What is so spectacularly insane about this statement is that it is Obama himself who keeps repeating that his administration has NO STRATEGY to defeat the Muslim terrorists. (See here and here.)

One of the things you’ve seen evolve over the last several weeks, including in the debates that are taking place between the Republican candidates, is that those who are critics of our administration’s response, or the military and intelligence response that we are currently mounting, when you ask them, what would you do instead? They don’t have an answer.

And the reason they don’t have an answer is because the truth is the approach we are taking is one that is based on the best council, the best advice of our top military, top diplomatic teams.

We are going after ISIL effectively, we’re going after them hard, and we are confident that we are going to prevail.

Here’s the Full interview: