Obama Team “Reluctant” to Defend Free Speech Conference that was Attacked by Muslim Terrorists


Liberal PBS “journalist” Bill Press was in attendance at the White House Press Conference on Tuesday where Press Secretary Josh Earnest was busy fielding questions from the gathered reporters. When Press had his shot, he enquired about the appropriateness of the “Free Speech” rally in Garland, Texas. To his credit, Earnest doesn’t take the bait and never explicitly condemns Pamela Geller and her group of Islam protesters. However, the entire back and forth seems filled with an unspoken and agreed upon distaste of Geller’s group.

Here’s Press wondering if it’s “appropriate to hold an event like that to deliberately poke fun at someone else’s religion.” To which Earnest declines to share his or the administration’s judgment about Geller’s Garland, Texas event in particular, though he does say that no act of free speech ever justifies violence.