Obama Supporters Seek Credit For Economic Growth

We knew that it was bound to happen. Good things actually do come to those who wait. Here we are; we are actually witnessing this grand economic recovery everyone has been bragging about. We experienced the largest economic growth in a decade. Don’t you remember?
The third quarter numbers came in this week, and our economy grew 5 percent. This means that there is a recovery, and all is well. See all that worrying you did about loosing your job, it was for nothing. Of course, Obama and his supporters are giving him all the credit.
It is no surprise that Obama wants credit for growth numbers he had nothing to do with. Just as he has sought credit for lower gas prices. It is always this way with politicians. They want none of the blame and all the praise.
So, there are some things, for which the president should receive praise. He has started to drill more. We now are operating more oil rigs in the U.S. than we were. This has helped to lower gas prices as our demand is being exceeded by our supply. The problem, some wet blanket might point out, is the fact that he is about four years late.
Economists around the country have been begging him to do this for at least that long. Better late than never. It was the 2012 Republican platform. So much for original ideas.
The problem is that this increased production of oil in the America has had little to do with the President and more to do with the innovations in the industry. U.S. companies are experiencing what has been called a “Shell Revolution.” This has allowed the industry to see safer conditions and more oil from shell formations.
These Innovations and not action by the President has produced these changes in oil prices.
OPEC, ran by the Saudis, has dropped prices. They have done this in an effort to slow U.S. oil production. It is not complicated. The U.S. has seen a 30 year high in production, and this has flooded the market. People are able to buy U.S. oil cheaper than Saudi oil. So, to combat this, OPEC dropped prices and has committed to keeping it low for at least two years.
Now, the same thing can be seen in our economic growth. There is a rise in growth because healthcare spending by consumers and business spending on structures and software. These kinds of expenditures are not normal everyday spending. These are things that have to be purchased, but are of a one and done nature.
These expenditures also share the virtue of having nothing to do with the action of the President. He did not make businesses spend money on software or build new buildings. And no one praises the president for seeing another decline in new homes.
It is rare to see a president do anything that causes either sharp declines or sharp gains. Short of natural disasters or war, economies, do not work that way. The complicated thing about these areas of growth for Democrats and Republicans is the campaigns.
Can you see the Liberal Left pulling their hair out and kicking cats when Hilary praises Obama for drilling more in the U.S.? It would be just as bad for Bush if he said he was going to continue the economic strategies of this administration.
This is unlikely to happen. If Clinton & Bush hold true to their colors, they will both try to take credit for the economic recover too.