Obama: Iran Will Have Nuclear Weapons

In American today, paper holds up the whole world. That is to say, there are many things that have to be verified by experts, engineers, bureaucrats, and the like. Things that normal, everyday people were allowed to do, the government has assigned someone to do or inspect. Gun ownership, home building, car safety inspections, etc. This is mainly the product of left of center thinking. What I mean is the fact that people with more liberal thinking rely on the government and experts. A permit will stop a shooter from obtaining a gun and also stops a building from collapsing. Unfortunately, this kind of wishful thinking has now been applied to our foreign policy.

Fox reports

President Obama admitted Tuesday in a broadcast interview that his nuclear agreement with Iran only delays Tehran from eventually acquiring a weapon, which could come immediately after Year 13 of the agreement — leaving the problem for future presidents.

Now, we see that this means that when the sanctions begin to ease, and the deal winds down, Iran can begin to crank up its nuclear program once again. There is also the problem that no one wants to think about. There is the lack of Omniscience. For this deal to work, we would have to have now and continue to have a perfect knowledge of all that the Iranians are and have been doing. This knowledge is neither likely nor possible.

And Fox said

Obama, who is also working to restore ties to longtime U.S. foe Cuba, has suggested cautiously in the past that a nuclear agreement could be a precursor to Iran pursuing a more amicable relationship with the world community. But in the days since the framework deal was announced in Switzerland, his administration has sought to emphasize that the deal relies on inspections, not trust, and is worthwhile even if the Iranian regime remains venomously anti-American.

The president is either wrong on his assessment or short sighted. Either we trust the Iranians on their reporting to us all their nuclear facilities or we somehow find them all. Neither of these options is very likely to happen. We can inspect all we want, but if they have a facility that we are unaware of, then we cannot inspect. If we do not inspect then, there is the possibility that they can manufacture and stockpile weapons-grade uranium.

Obama’s attitude toward this and other issues points to the fact that he cares little for the future of our country. The most Obama has accomplished while president is to have pushed our problems down the line to future generations. Our debt is to be paid by our children and now our problems with Iran is to be dealt with by them.

I personally have my doubts about the capability of Iran. With that said, those who seem to be in the know, about these things, are saying that they will have the bomb soon. So if they are unwilling to deal with us now, in this position of weakness, what chance does that future president have when they get the nuclear capability to destroy our allies in the region?