Obama Does the Impossible – Unites Israel and Neighboring Allies Against US Policy

On MSNBC with Thomas Roberts NBC Foreign News correspondent Richard Engel continued his dogged war on Obama’s horrible foreign policy.

Amazingly, President Obama has finally done the impossible. Perhaps this is the foreign policy achievement upon which he can hang his hat? Obama has united Israel and her Arab neighbors in their opposition to US foreign policy in regards to Iran! That’s all it took. President Obama crafting a foreign policy that was so incredibly terrible that both sides of the Israel – Arab conflict stopped yelling at each other to stare incredulously at Obama.

I mean seriously. Everyone not in the Obama White House thinks that Obama’s foreign policy plans are completely nuts. Even the French are freaking out because Obama is forcing them to look like the tough guys!

Here’s what Engel had to say on MSNBC:

Israel, however, and several countries across the Middle East are watching this very closely, the Israeli government, the new Prime Minister, Netanyahu, do not believe that what is going on in Switzerland is the right thing. 

They think it is dangerous. They think it rewards Iran, and what we’re seeing now is an unusual dynamic where Israel, which has long been the pariah of the Middle East, is finding common cause with Arab states With Egypt, with Saudi Arabia, with Jordan, all coming down with a very similar line to Israel’s, that Iran should not be given the reward of a negotiation, that it shouldn’t be allowed to continue to have a nuclear program, even with constraints because the belief is, by both Arabs and Israelis that it will encourage Iran to, not only go forward with its nuclear program in a limited capacity, but also to continue its efforts to expand its influence around the region.

And what we see — what we’ve seen in the last several months is Iran very much spreading its influence, in Yemen through Iranian-backed rebels, in Iraq through Iranian-backed militia groups. And so there’s an interesting dynamic here. I can’t remember the last time I was in Tel Aviv and reporting about how Tel Aviv and so many Arab states like Saudi Arabia were singing from the same sheet about Iran and their opposition to US policy.