Obama Cites Yemen as Success – then the Country Collapses — What Happened?

Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) was on Fox News to discuss the collapse of the nation of Yemen and the rise of “radical Islamic” terrorism there and in other parts of the Muslim world.

Yemen, a nation that President Obama was pointing to as a success story just a few months ago, has fallen to Islamic radicals and is now a very real threat to the rest of the world. Congressman DeSantis discusses how the President could have been so wrong and what it might mean about the other “successes” the President thinks he’s accomplished.


From Facebook:

Last week during the State of the Union, the President painted a rosy picture of our foreign policy that is remarkably at odds with reality. By the President’s lights, ISIS has been stopped by U.S. air strikes, Russia has been cowed by American policy, and Iran is on the cusp of forfeiting its pursuit of a nuclear weapon. 

It is one thing for the President to outline an approach to foreign affairs that is consistent with his left-of-center ideology; it is quite another to see the world through rose-colored glasses that filter out facts that are inconsistent with that ideology. On Friday, I went “On the Record” to discuss the collapse of Yemen, which the president hailed just a few months ago as the model for his counterterrorism strategy.