Now that Progressive Policy has all but Dried up California, Obama Gives EPA Progressives Sweeping Power Over All Water

As I reported, the lack of future looking water reservoirs in California has led to their recent droughts being much more painful than needed.  The lack of political will to face the Eco-Nazis has cause a virtual moratorium on dams in the state.  This has led to water shortages.  In my earlier article, I pointed out that the inaction has had no measurable effect on the wildlife nor environment.

I wrote  

Once again, at least in California, fish come before people. The cost to farmers is going to be astronomical. And what we have to understand is that this kind of foolishness trickles down to the rest of us, through food cost. Many fruits and vegetables are exclusively grown in California. As crops are lost, we will pay higher prices on common items or not get them at all.

Now, it is being reported that the drought has hit citizens so hard that even the progressives are thinking of voting Republican.  The drought is set to be the biggest issue in the race.  This happens when you are fined for using water.

The Washington Times reports

Republicans have endured a decadeslong dry spell in California politics, but a third year of severe drought, coupled with Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown’s mandatory water restrictions and the ensuing fines, has emerged as a potential game changer for the 2016 election.

This could mean not only a shift in power at the state level, but on a national scale as well.  Boxer is set to retire, and the state is thirsty for change in water conservation (pun intended).

The biggest prize is the Senate seat up for grabs with the retirement of Ms. Boxer after 24 years. Already, Republican candidates are hitting hard on what they describe as the Democrats’ years of inaction on water storage, arguing that the party’s kowtowing to environmental interests has left the state with no choice but to tighten the spigot at homes and farms.

It should make for an interesting race, but will likely produce little change unless the conservative victory was state-wide.  Yet, it seems that the administration has not been paying attention to the lessons in California.  Obama just announced that the head Eco-Nazis will soon have control of all wetlands and waterways in America.  This gives them the power to shut down any project they deem to have an effect on these lands.

The Times reports

The administration announced rules Wednesday to grant federal agencies sweeping environmental oversight over wetlands, ponds and even some ditches in a move supporters said will clean up dirty waters but which critics said was a capstone power grab for a lame-duck president.

This seems to be the administration keeping promises.  The rules are merely a wink to the environuts that helped him win the office.  The issue though can be much more serious than we think.  Though it might take twenty years, these kinds of powers could shut down what little industry that is left.  Just as we see the effects of California’s eco-driven policy, these people will likely shut down our country, or worse.