Noted Socialist Plans to Run for White House in 2016 – Democrats Cheer?

Journalist Nia-Malika Henderson made an interesting announcement on CNN on Monday morning when she told America that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who caucuses with the Democrat Party would be running for election to the White House in 2016. Whether or not this means that Sanders is finally done as a Senator wasn’t immediately clear, but it is interesting to hear a man who probably couldn’t get elected to the Senate from any other state in America decide that he’s going to try to run for President.

Interestingly, the very fact that he plans to do this tells you how far left the Democrat Party has moved in recent years. Sanders is an open and proud socialist, and at a recent Democrat fundraiser in South Carolina (of all places) he was a HUGE hit! If a socialist can be a popular figure at a Democrat event, it means that politically and culturally we’ve moved way too far to the left.

Here’s what Henderson had to say about the possibility of a Bernie Sanders run for President.

I don’t think he can necessarily challenge Hillary Clinton in terms of donors and in terms of organization. But in terms of bringing the heat, bringing the fire, bringing that populist rhetoric, he’ll be interesting to see, and how he moves Hillary Clinton’s own rhetoric as well.