No Federal Charges Against Ferguson PD Officer Wilson – Does that Mean Eric Holder is Racist?

It seems like a fair question to me.

If the District Attorney (and other authorities involved in the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri were racists for not pursuing charges against police officer Darren Wilson… then mustn’t Attorney General Eric Holder and his lawyers at the Justice Department also be racist for not pursuing charges?

Or is it possible that the Feds looked into the case and realized that Officer Wilson was indeed justified in his actions on that terrible day?

Even more interesting is the silence that is reverberating from the race-baiting community who were so quick to attack small town Ferguson… but are silent when President Obama’s administration does the same thing that the folks in Missouri did.

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly also noticed the apparent double standard from the race-baiting community…

Reports out of Washington say the Justice Department will not file any civil rights charges in the Ferguson case.

Hundreds of looters causing millions of dollars’ worth of damage all because they believed in injustice had been done to Michael Brown or something. But a grand jury declined to indict Officer Wilson and now Attorney General Eric Holder is doing the same thing.

So what are we to think? Is Holder a racist? Is his deputy who did the investigation, Venito Gupta a racist? All of those people who committed crimes in the name of Michael Brown or judged Officer Wilson without the facts should be ashamed this evening.

But, of course, most of them are not. We are living in a nation that is essentially unfair. Not because of income inequality or bias against skin color, but because we the people often form judgments based on nothing.

Talking points said over and over you cannot convict a fellow American of anything unless you know the facts. And now the facts have been established. No Justice Department civil rights action, no indictment by a grand jury.

The Al Sharpton led the effort to cripple the justice system and impose a vigilante verdict in the case. Another terrible entry on Sharpton’s resume.