NBC Says Chris Christie Can’t Win as Long as Jeb Bush Hangs Around

In what can only be described as the most logical thing that the liberal media has said in recent days, NBC’s Chuck Todd basically pronounced Chris Christie’s (R-NJ) campaign on life-support… as long as Jeb Bush (R-FL) is in the mix.

The GOP Establishment hasn’t had this kind of a problem in recent years. Normally, it’s the conservatives who have multiple candidates vying for the same votes, which has often led the conservatives to be vulnerable and unable to overcome the establishment candidate. Which is why Mitt Romney and John McCain could win the nominations while only getting the support of some 30% of GOP voters.

Here’s Chuck giving Christie the bad news…



Look, the fact is. Every time he seems to take a step forward on the national stage he’s got something that drags him back in New Jersey whether it’s a downgrade in the state’s economic borrowing rating or something having to do with personal scandal issues, having to do with the whole bridge thing. So, he’s got to get there, and all these debates are in the fall, but I will grant you, if he gets into the debate you can see how he will be a great performer. Again, this is a case where can he go to Jeb’s right on anything? And Jeb is already got his own issues of being, is he conservative enough. I just don’t see in a primary situation where Christie is able to do this.