NBC Liberals Laugh at Defense of Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal!

The president of Hillary Clinton’s favorite liberal “think tank”, Neera Tanden of Center for American Progress, appeared on NBC’sMeet the Press Sunday morning in an effort to defend Hillary’s felonious email actions. Let’s just say… it didn’t go well. Her fellow panelists, as well as the show’s host, were not in the mood for the sycophantic ramblings that Tanden had prepared for the roundtable. At various and sundry times, Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborouch and Kathleen Parker laughed, guffawed, pushed back and argued with Tanden, who nevertheless pressed on with her ridiculous defense of Hillary Clinton’s terrible judgment and behavior.



As you can see, things got so out of hand that eventually Chuck Todd was forced to simply cut the conversation off.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, Tanden never answered Scarborough’s central question. ‘Would it be okay for anyone else to delete thousands of emails that have been subpoenaed by Congress?’ Of course not.

Hillary Clinton blatantly disregarded Congress’ subpoena, and she obviously has no regrets about doing so. There is no way that this woman can be our President because she, like her husband (and current President Barack Obama), believes herself to be above the law as a private citizen. How much more egregious and lawless will her behavior be if she is handed the reins of power and elected President?

It’s a truly terrifying scenario.