Name Calling Should Not Change Minds On Immigration

No one should be surprised that there is now a name give to those in the GOP who oppose Obama’s executive order. “Nativists,” the president said is the reason that the GOP has not worked to pass legislation to deal with the immigration issue. These are apparently the people who will not work to legalize illegal immigrants.
In an interview released today with NPR, Obama says that there are many in the GOP who support his action, but fear the “nativists.” And characterize this group as those opposed to immigration.
The Washington Post quotes Obama: “The question then becomes, by me having taken these actions, does that spur those voices in the Republican Party who I think genuinely believe immigration is good for our country? Does it spur them to work once again with Democrats and my administration to get a reasonable piece of legislation done?
This points to the fact that the president thinks his executive order is legal. Obama thinks he is allowed to speak law into existence. While nothing could be further from the truth, our congress does nothing to stop King Obama.
While some want something done, almost no one can agree exactly what can be done. The problem is that some do want all undocumented; i.e., illegal aliens to be deported. These people think that illegals should be hunted down, rounded up and sent “home,” wherever that happens to be. This view brings to mind the scene in the Wall while You Better Run plays in the back ground.
There are no easy answers to the issue of immigration and what should be done with all those people who have willingly broken our laws. Yet, answers have to be found. We have to have compassion on those who are truly seeking a better life for themselves and their families. No answer that cuts access to our country will really work, nor should it work.
The problem with most Americans is the fact that they, like myself are too far removed. We are too far removed from those grandparents who arrived here from different countries. Too far removed from their fears and struggles. Though I am not suggesting that we encourage law breaking or that any of our relatives had illegally come here.
What I am suggesting is that we find a solution to the two major problems with this issue.
First, and I think, most importantly, we have to realize that the immigrant is human. They are real people. Yes, you and I are not responsible for their situation, but we are responsible for how we perceive them. We cannot think of them as things or less than human. This is one of the reasons they are seeking a new life here.
Though these people are human, we must have them meet a standard. They should have a simple understanding of our heritage and system of law. Without this understanding that we are a country of law and not of men, then they will better serve our country and its continued independence.
Second, we must better secure our borders. We have been in this unfortunate situation before. This is not the first time the American government has sought to address illegal immigration. This action by Obama is not the first attempt at amnesty.
Reagan and Congress passed Immigration Reform and Control Act. Though this was done legally, by Congress passing a law and the President signing it into existence, many of the same measures were taken. In 1986, 3 Million illegal immigrants were legalized. Yet the real problem remained; the border was not secured and more came, and now we are asked to look the other way again.
There is no use to mop the floor while you still have a leak. We must first see a commitment to fix the leak. We must not let Obama or Jeb Bush push us into another amnesty that does not fix the real problem.