MTV and An Illegal Alien to Air a Show about What it means to be White

If you are a white American, it may feel as though you are being marginalized.  You may feel as though your wants, standards, and needs have been set aside.  People who you never owned as slaves make you feel guilty.  People that have come from another country has been deciding government policy while you have been left without a voice.  Well, I wish I had good news for you, but I do not.

While our conservative party is seeking once again to move from its base to get support in the upcoming election.  Leaving you once again without a candidate to represent you.  MTV has hired a celebrity illegal alien to uncover the many ways the White people are ruining the cultural utopia in this country.

The Wrap reports

Jose Antonio Vargas and MTV set to find out with documentary “White People,” which aims to get young caucasian men and women to talk openly and honestly about race.

It first should be noticed that the cable station is bringing together people who have live outside their parents’ house for a whole ten minutes.  Next, they are discussing how they and their minority neighbors feel about “Whiteness.”

“Whiteness often remains unexamined in conversations about race in this country, even as it acts as the implicit norm against which other racial identities are judged,” Stephen Friedman, president of MTV said. “By shining a spotlight on whiteness, we hope ‘White People’ will serve as a powerful conversation starter that encourages our audience to address racial bias through honest, judgment-free dialogue.”

From the video, there seems to be a little more judging than advertised.  Yet, this is to be expected.  Humans are judgmental, rational beings.  When we are presented with ideas, we judge them, contrary to popular thinking.  But the issue is that this show is set to hold up the problems that White people have caused and continue to cause in America.  And this show points to a very sly and subtle trick.

When we look at any other people in America, we are not allowed to point out any deficiencies in their culture.  No people can be judged except the Whites.  So, when we come to this show, what we have is a Philippino man sitting in judgment of white thought and culture.  What atrocities people feel white people have perpetrated against them.  How we do, or should we feel guilty.  The preview clip is called, “Let’s Get Uncomfortable Together.”

This is the way Kathrine Speller explains white privilege

No one is saying you should feel guilty about the color of your skin (that’d be hella hypocritical.) Typically, when people of color make comments about whiteness or white people (sometimes via jokes, like in this week’s episode of “Decoded“) it’s meant to get you thinking about some of the smaller ways that privilege exists on the periphery of your life. Because, more often than not, white privilege exists in so many tiny corners of our society without ever being questioned.

And though this article deals with why it is not racist to question “White Privilege,” it is clear that this article is an affront to whiteness as they call it and the system that White people built.  But again, we must point out that white culture is not what it is because of the color of the Europeans that settled here 400 years ago.

The culture that was built was a Christian system.  We have left that in many major ways, but this is really what Vargas and MTV are striking out to bring down.  They say that the system is messed up, and the reason that it is, has to do with race.  But what they really mean is that many of the whites in America expect that if you live here you will assimilate.  This is to them the epitome of racism.

Our Christian heritage and our culture are under attack.  This is not entertainment; this is indoctrination.  If this same channel produce a show called Asian People or insert any other ethnic group, the left would call foul.  They would march and steal a Christian symbol and put it on flags.  The reason that this is not racism is because the whites are the majority.  The majority that Vargas and the other lawbreakers want to break.

But this will never happen.  Psalm 2 gives us a glimpse behind the scenes of this Spiritual battle.  God laughs at these unbelievers.  His King has been established.  Vargas and MTV best wake from their spiritual deadness and kiss the Son.  If they do not, they may find the King coming in Judgment.  Christ will rule the nations and all tribes and tongues will praise Him!!!