MSNBC Liberals Up in Arms at GOP Decision to Stall Confirmation of Obama Attorney General Appointee Loretta Lynch

The incessantly outraged hosts of MSNBC are uniting to fight the GOP for their “outrageous” conduct in the vetting and approving of the Obama nominee for Attorney General. With AG Eric Holder having tendered his resignation and waiting for the approval of President Obama’s nominee to replace him, liberals are becoming a wee bit antsy over the prospects of a political fight over the approval. Republicans are reticent to approve Lynch after the confirmation hearings revealed that she was seemingly no different from AG Holder on the most important issues of our day. The last thing most Republicans want is two more years of an Attorney General whose nose is constantly fixed squarely in the center of our President’s backside.

Al Sharpton went so far as to call the wait for her confirmation “a threat”!

Lynch, who has already waited a record 128 days for a vote is left to twist in the wind… Not a threat? This is the definition of a threat… Why are we waiting, enough is enough, hold the vote.



MSNBC’s resident “intellectual” (or pseudo-intellectual may be more accurate) Rachel Maddow, was even more agitated saying that the slowrolling of the Lynch nomination represented more “political games” and that Americans are tired of said games.

Honestly Rachel, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find any Americans who aren’t die hard liberals, who care the least bit that Lynch’s nomination has dragged on longer than usual.

Americans hate the government… but the Loretta Lynch confirmation isn’t why.



Liberals can pretend to be outraged as much as they want, but the slow moving Lynch confirmation is a big fat nothingburger. Lynch = Holder, and Holder is still the Attorney General.Maybe the Congressional GOP is playing games in an effort to win some leverage from the Democrats for a future fight… but that happens every day in much more provocative ways. The Lynch confirmation is not the place to waste any anger or outrage – not even the fake kind.