Michele Bachmann says the Clinton Foundation is “An International Money Laundering Ring”!

The conservative blogosphere has been attacking the Clinton Foundation for weeks now using very similar language to what former Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann did in this interview with NewsMax TV. A little over a week ago, an article from Bloomberg News dissected the Clinton Foundation money trail and found that it was quite clearly up to no good, but the Democrat Party barely seems to care. While the Democrats may not care, the rest of our nation sure does, and with attacks like this one from Bachmann, perhaps the media will soon start taking note as well.


The Clinton Foundation, which is in effect an international money laundering ring, to benefit the Clintons personally. Remember this is tax exempt. it is the easiest way to get big dollars in the Clinton world, where they literally fly around the world on private jets and live the life of potentates. It is a heavy lifestyle to be used to as the president of the U.S., to be flying around on Air Force One — they really don’t like to give up that lifestyle.