Mastermind of Paris Attacks Used Refugees to Enter France

It is hard not to rub this in the face of all those liberals who were so smug about the migrants. When you tell them that the crisis would be the perfect way for terrorists to infiltrate the EU, they would scoff and act like this could never happen. But, now that it has, one feels sick at the prospect of saying I told you so. I wanted to be wrong, but we have learned that I was not.

Fox reports

The suspected mastermind of last week’s Paris massacre, and some of the other attackers, had exploited the Syrian refugee crisis to slip into France unnoticed, Prime Minister Manuel Valls revealed Friday, the same day the French Senate approved extending the nation’s state of emergency by three months.

The person that planned and organized the attacks on Paris was among the people streaming into Europe. He slipped in unnoticed, just as I and many others said that they could. They would have been fools to not attempted to take advantage of the situation.

Fox continues

Valls said some of the Paris attackers had taken advantage of the massive influx of migrants into Europe escaping war in the Middle East.

“These individuals took advantage of the refugee crisis… of the chaos, perhaps, for some of them to slip in” to France, he told French TV.

“Others were in Belgium already. And others, I must remind you, were in France.”

The question that we must ask is it is too late? Who has crossed over into Europe already? How many terrorists are organizing local Muslims into death squads? This has to be the scariest part for Europeans. But there are finally calls for Europe to shake off its Polly Anna thinking.

Sky News reports

France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has called on Europe to “wake up” to the threat posed by Islamic State and take steps to ensure the safety of citizens.

“Terrorists are crossing the borders of the European Union,” he said.
“It is urgent that Europe wakes up, organises itself and defends itself against the terrorist threat.

“We can’t lose any more time.”

Time cannot be wasted because the snakes are in the house and sticking their heads up. They have begun to attack, and there is no way of knowing when or where they will strike next. But, there is hope that the French police will soon see one less terrorist as they are currently searching for one of the attackers.

Fox reports

Police now turn their attention to two other suspects who are believed to have participated in the attacks. Police have identified one of them as Salah Abdeslam, who grew up in the same Belgian district as Abaaoud, the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek.

There was no indication Abdeslam escaped to neighboring Spain or tried to do so, Spanish Interior Miniister Jorge Fernandez Diaz said. He told Antena 3 television that security officials from several countries were called together in Paris to discuss the possibility that Abdeslam might try to cross into a country bordering France.

Good hunting. Or for our French friends: Bonne chasse!