Marco Rubio thinks that the GOP has a Great Field of Republicans Running in 2016

Senator Marco Rubio was busy on Sunday talking up the GOP Presidential field for the upcoming election. He was on CBS with Bob Schieffer, when Schieffer wondered why Rubio would choose to run against his friend and mentor, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.


My view of it is there will be multiple people running. We’re blessed as Republicans, we have a strong field of quality people who are running and the Democrats are struggling to find one. We have 8 or 9. And I think we’re going to be a better party for it. I think America is going to get a better president for it. My goal — I know everybody says this going into this, and there will be time for this distinctions, as long as they are legitimate that’s fine — but my goal is to have a vibrant debate about the future of America and ultimately from it have a nominee who is best positioned to take this country in the 21st century and this new economy and I believe that it’s me. But voters will decide that.



I think Senator Rubio is generally right on everything he had to say to Schieffer on Sunday, but I have to disagree with his personal feelings on Jeb Bush. While Bush will obviously be a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming campaign for the White House, he is hardly a “good” conservative candidate. The GOP Establishment is propping up Bush because he is the most moderate candidate in the field with any chance of making it out of the Presidential primary – but Bush is just another BIG Government Republican with bad ideas on leading America.