Marco Rubio Tells a Great Joke says He’s the Best to Fix Illegal Immigration!

That’s it. It’s finally happened. The 2016 race for the White House has finally “jumped the shark.” It happened during a New Hampshire town hall meeting this past weekend when presidential candidate and Senator, Marco Rubio, decided to tell one of the funniest jokes ever told.

Only, he wasn’t actually making a joke.

During his interactions with the New Hampshire crowd, one supporter wondered how his campaign could overcome the notion that Rubio is “soft” on illegal immigration and a supporter of amnesty. Rubio responded by arguing that he was against amnesty, that he was the candidate who was best prepared to fix our illegal immigration problems, and that the other candidates are unserious on the immigration debate.

On Being the Best Candidate to Fix Illegal Immigration:

“No one who has ever run for president understands this issue personally better than I do and that’s why I can tell you and you should tell your friends that no one running for president is better prepared to fix it than me.”

On Amnesty:

“I don’t support amnesty. There has to be real consequences for violating our immigration laws, so if you are a criminal you going to be immediately deported … if you violated our immigration laws there will be a substantial consequences for having done so.”

On Emotionally Responding to the Issue:

“I understand this issue personally, I understand the good, the bad, and the ugly, and every aspect of it… I know all these stories. Not because I read them in a magazine. I see it and it’s outrageous.”

On his presidential rivals being Unserious on immigration reform:

“It’s very easy to stand up and talk tough on immigration, it’s very easy for someone in Congress to say, ‘I’m against illegal immigration’ but offer no ideas. And that’s why for thirty years nothing has happened on this issue … it’s gotten worse because they talk about it but they don’t do anything about it.”

Oh, Marco. Stop with the jokes already and get to the campaigning!