Liberal Pundit Attacks MSNBC for Siding with Conservatives!

I’m not sure I would have ever believed you if you tried to tell me that this would happen! Someone actually accuses MSNBC and the New York Times of being too conservative!

On Monday’s episode of MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports the Clinton family’s favorite Cajun, James Carville, went on the offensive to defend the Clinton clan’s honor. Mitchell welcomed Carville to the show and then tossed him this softball, “Well, first of all, isn’t it time for Hillary Clinton to speak out? If you were advising her, should she address these issues?”

Carville chose to bypass the question and instead attack as many other people and organizations as he could.

“It was legal, it wasn’t against regulations, Colin Powell and Jeb Bush did the same thing, but ‘Oh my God!’ Do you remember Whitewater, do you remember Foulgate, do you remember Travelgate, do you remember Pardongate, do you remember Benghazi? All of this is just the same cockamamie stuff that we go through.

The Times gets something from some right-wing talking points, they print the story, they gotta walk the story back. And everybody, the chin-scratchers go ‘Oh my God, the story’s not right but it says something larger about the Clintons.’ This is never gonna end. We’ve lived with this for 20 year. We’ll live with it the rest of the campaign. It’s all. About. Nothing. That’s my view of the whole thing.”



Carville is just plain, flat out wrong. It was against regulations, and she may have even broken federal law. Jeb Bush was the Governor of Florida, where the regulations are quite different than those levied at the State Department, and the Colin Powell argument isn’t salient, as these were two very different issues.

Instead of facing the merits of the argument, Carville instead chooses to attack MSNBC and the New York Times, two of the most liberal media outlets in America, as tools of the right wing! This interview is Carville’s “jump the shark” moment….

It gets worse, though. When Mitchell finally gets a word in she asks the perfect question to counter Carville’s ridiculous tirade.

Why should she be the person deciding, or her circle, decide which e-mails to turn over? Isn’t that the problem with a private e-mail system that isn’t government archived?”

Exactly. The. Point.

james-carville1The reason that the correspondence (particularly emails) regulations are in place is to offer accountability in our government. While Carville and Hillary’s other supporters may claim that she is as pure as the driven snow – we can’t take her at her word. We must always be skeptical of those in positions of leadership, otherwise we put our freedom and our nation at risk.

But Carville’s not having any of it – he does not appreciate Mitchell attempting to use logic in answering his diatribe! In response to Mitchell’s perfectly reasonable and logical question, Carville demanded to know if Mitchell was calling Hillary Clinton a crook!

“Are you saying that she’s a crook? Because if she does not turn over relevant stuff, that’s against the law. So is that what we’re really gonna say here? I don’t think we really want to say that.

All of the out-of-breath, all of the coverage, all of the ‘worried Democrats,’ all of the other stuff that we’re hearing, every one of these things – it is always the same, Andrea. It’s never gonna change. We go through the same stuff 20 times.”

You know what, James? I am calling her a crook. I am saying that all of the scandals you listed – Do you remember Whitewater, do you remember Foulgate, do you remember Travelgate, do you remember Pardongate, do you remember Benghazi? – these are all evidences of Clinton’s many crimes. We can even mention her being fired from the Nixon prosecution team some 40+ years ago for being an unprincipled liar. The evidence from Hillary Clinton’s life shouts volumes about her character, her morals, her principles, and they also speak to what she would be willing to do to protect herself.

The woman is dangerous and will always, ALWAYS, put herself above our nation.