Liberal Progressives have the same View on History as ISIS

While all were shocked at the cultural cleansing going on in Iraq, very few have even taken notice here in the Southern United States.  One of the reasons is that many have been afraid of being misunderstood or misrepresented.  Most who would speak up are afraid that they will be labeled as a racist.  The left has attacked our monuments, our flag, and now our nickname.

Fox 8 reports

Every year, thousands of people flock to the Dixie Classic Fair. Whether it is the rides, the food or the history, it continues to be an annual favorite.

However, Winston-Salem Councilman James Taylor told FOX8 that some of the people he represents find the “Dixie Classic Fair” name to be “offensive.”

Taylor said that some people are “angry” with the name and believes the city should consider changing it. He added that — as a city that is progressive — and is continuing to move forward, they need a name that “everyone can appreciate.”

Now, I personally do not care what the city of Winston-Salem calls their annual fair.  It is of little consequence to me.  It is farther than I am willing to go to a fair.  After this article, I probably will give little thought to it again.  And I am sure that most of America feels the same.  But, there is more to this than the name of a fair.

Fox 8 continued

Taylor wanted to stress that he wants “to talk to the people first,” and if they don’t want to change it they won’t change it, saying that he “will do what’s best for all the people.”

There are two things that have to be recognized.  First, there is the tactic that the progressives have used since they entered politics one hundred years ago.  If there is not a problem or dissatisfaction, then they will simply create one.  This Progressive wished to push the community to do away with the name, but had no outcry or call for such an action.  What did he do?  He did the same as Obama.  He simply said that these people were angry, even though they do not exist.

Fox 8 continued

So, we went out to the people ourselves to see how they feel.

They did not list one person that came out to support the name change.  Not even someone who would say that they understood the change.  Rather, they gave several quote from people saying just the opposite.

“I thought it was ridiculous. I mean, there’s no reason to change the name of the Dixie Classic Fair,” said Dina Nelson, of Winston-Salem. “I mean, it’s a Southern name, but there is nothing racist about it.”

Second, we have to ask what the outcome is.  What will be produced by the name change?  Will the bringing down of the name Dixie like the flag take off and all things Dixie be renamed?

Starnes of Fox News asks the same question

If the cultural cleansers succeed in their quest to ban the word Dixie – don’t be surprised if they start banning Dixie Cups and Winn Dixie and the Dixie Chicks.

And then added this

Of course, American progressives aren’t the only folks engaged in cultural cleansing. So is the Islamic State – and they’re not whistling Dixie.

In the end, though there are different means used, the outcome is the same.  And what if it were your culture?  What if outsiders looking into your history saw your flaws and decided you should be destroyed, and your past erased?

Is that not exactly what Islamist have been doing since the 80’s to America?  How is this any different?