Liberal says Hillary Clinton Destroyed Libya

Wow. Chris Hayes at MSNBC is on a roll recently. Just last week he admitted that America is indeed a Christian nation and that Christianity has been under attack in recent days. Now, he’s turned his attention to Hillary Clinton and wonders why no one is talking about the fact that Hillary Clinton played a major role in DESTROYING LIBYA!?!

I’m not sure where this new Chris Hayes came from… but I like it! He does of course take his usual swings at the Republicans. He calls our focus on Benghazi a fake scandal, but his laser-like focus on how Hillary made a mess in Libya is instructive; perhaps the GOP should take note and begin using the Obama administration’s failures in Libya against Hillary Clinton.

“ISIS takes a stranglehold there as Libya is essentially in ruins.”



CHRIS HAYES, MSNBC: How about this? How about the Libya intervention? Which we know Secretary of State Clinton pushed for, is on the record for, which is very difficult to view as a success in any way, shape or form.

ISIS takes a stranglehold there as Libya is essentially in ruins. No one seems to want to litigate that. They talk about Benghazi, they talk about Iraq. Here is a very real thing that actually happened. The woman who is running actually participated in, and as far as I can tell, is not getting litigated anywhere…

Everything is getting debated in this technical sense, as opposed to this deep reckoning, that amazingly to me in 2016, it seems we still haven’t had about what Iraq meant, what American foreign policy has meant to the region, which is in flames right now. There is no reckoning that seems to be as large as the problems that have been created.