Leaked! North Korea Dictator Kim Jong-un’s Death Scene from the Interview

As a recap for those of you who may have been underground for the past few days… it has been discovered that the nation of North Korea was behind the recent hacking of sensitive Sony documents and emails. The cyber attack was in retaliation of Sony’s decision to make the Interview a movie starring James Franco and Seth Rogen wherein the leader of North Korea, Mr. Kim Jong-un, is assassinated. After the hacking of Sony’s network a terrorist group that is seemingly tied to North Korea also threatened to carry out 9/11 style attacks on any theater daring to show the offending film.

Upon learning of the threats, most of the nations theater chains decided not to air the movie when it is released on Christmas Day. Sony chose not to fight the theater’s instead choosing to pull the film altogether… a decision that many have seen as simply giving in to North Korea’s insane demands.

I mean seriously. North Korea is insane, right? They committed an act of war (by attacking an American based company) and then threatened violence on our people… because of a freaking lowbrow, gross-out comedy movie… that hardly anyone would have watched in the first place.

Now everyone wants to watch it. I hate these kinds of movies… but now I want to see it just so I can tell North Korea off. There is no way that I want some backwater, dictatorship that crushes their own people to think they can tell me what to do…

but I digress.

Today, we have a special treat. The death of Kim Jong-un from the movie the Interview has been leaked… and now we all get to see it!


The Interview clip – Kim Jong-un death scene… by boxofficeinternational

Just in Case that version is taken offline, here’s another…

and just in case you have no idea what this movie is about… here’s the full trailer.