Kerry May Have Shown His Hand in Lima

Thursday, Secretary of state John Kerry spoke in Lima, Peru. He was speaking at the Lima Climate Talks. As should be expected, the main thrust of his speech pushed for less reliance on fossil fuels. This speech may come back to haunt him, and his boss as the Nebraska decision is due to be released by their courts on any Friday from now until the end of the year.

The issue, of which neither Obama nor Kerry has come down clearly on, the Canadian pipeline, could be ready to finish construction as soon as next week. The only thing that they are waiting on is the approval of the Nebraska courts and the nod from the president. The first is almost sure to come.

There seems to be no doubt that the Nebraska legislature worked within its jurisdiction in approving the pipeline. It would be a no-brainer, yet the system works slowly. Once the decision comes down, then the only thing will be presidential approval. He can stop the completion of the work by saying no. And if we listen to Kerry that may be what he does.

Kerry said Thursday, “Coal and oil may be cheap ways to power an economy today . . . but I urge nations around the world: Look further down the road.” It seems that there is something down the road that Mr. Kerry knows about, which no one else does.

If we are honest with ourselves, we will see that what Kerry is speaking of is fantasy. Fossil fuels may not be popular; they may even be harmful in some way, but they are the only energy game going.

We can fantasize about clean energy, or heck why not cold fusion, but in the end these things do not truly exist. They are right now not a real viable option. Not because they are too expensive, but because they are a dream.

Yes, we have wind and solar power, but both are very expensive and unrealistic as stand-alone options. The technology, though coming along, is not where it needs to be to consider them as real answers.

Kerry then is asking countries; I would assume his own as well, to look for some other energy source to fuel their economy. And this is where idealists come off the rails. They have complaints and moral judgments for people. Things to avoid as not to kill the earth and everyone on it, but they have no real answers.

Know for sure that if Kerry had options, he would have invested in them and pushed them. He would not have said to look down the road. No, he would have said, “X is somewhat more expensive, but it will save us all from burning up, freezing, or whatever these carbon emissions are doing.”

Reuters reports that this speech gave hope to the environmentalists protesting outside the meeting. They, as most would, came to the conclusion that Kerry has painted himself into a corner. How could he be leaning in one direction on fossil fuels and another on the pipeline?

It seems that if Kerry is to be consistent, he will have to recommend a halt to the completion of the pipeline. The decision to halt work would kill many jobs and hike up gas prices again. It then seems that Kerry and Obama will not be satisfied until we are all in coal, sorry I mean electric cars.