Judge tells Fox News that Ted Cruz is a “Natural Born Citizen”

Libertarian TV personality and Constitutional scholar (and defender) Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox News earlier this week to discuss the “natural born citizen” issue in regards to Ted Cruz’s candidacy for president.

It is well-settled, established by the Congress for a hundred years. A human being born in another country, with one parent who is a U.S. citizen, who lived in this country for at least one year during the parent’s life. That is exactly Ted Cruz’s situation.

His mother was born here, she is an American citizen, she lived here for more than a year. She and her husband were in Canada at the time of Ted’s birth. It is well-settled, he is a natural-born American citizen…

Trump may actually be doing Cruz a service by raising this now, and getting it out of the way. Ted Cruz spent the weekend talking about this, and I can’t imagine it was his favorite thing to do, but the law is solidly on his side.

I’ve argued the same thing, but having a libertarian leader like Judge Napolitano speak up on the issue should offer Senator Cruz some solid legal cover. While Ted Cruz’s opposition in the GOP may try to use the issue as a wedge to separate voters from Cruz, the fact of the matter is that this is a topic that has been bandied about in legal circles for over a hundred years. As Judge Nap says, legal discussion has mostly settled on the idea that Ted Cruz is most assuredly eligible to be our next President.

Don’t let Cruz’s GOP opponents distract you. He is the most conservative and best-qualified candidate in the field, and he deserves consideration for your vote.