Jeb Bush Super PAC Attacks Marco Rubio on Illegal Immigration!

Um. Someone might need to remind Jeb Bush’s Super PAC Right to Rise that Jeb Bush has generally been even further to the Left on illegal immigration and amnesty than Marco Rubio.

I only say this because a couple of their recent ads seek to hit Rubio on his amnesty position, even though it mirrors Bush’s position on the issue. Making the anti-Rubio ads awkward at best and hypocritical at worst.

“Marco Rubio. He ran for Senate saying he opposed amnesty, then he flipped and worked with liberal Chuck Schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. He supported his own Dream Act and then he abandoned it. Marco Rubio: Just another Washington politician you can’t trust.”

Then in a similarly stilted (and honestly not so good) ad, the Bush campaign attacked Rubio for his “flip-flopping” primarily on immigration.

While I agree with practically everything in these ads and also think that Marco Rubio should be forced to deal with his “complicated” relationship with illegal immigration and amnesty, these ads from Bush seem more than a little desperate. I mean, it’s not like Bush is any better on this issue than Rubio. And while both Rubio and Bush are wrong about illegal immigration, at least Rubio is right on a whole host of other issues (where Jeb is wrong).

As a reminder, here’s what Jeb thought about Rubio’s Gang of Eight bill back in the day.

“I’m actually very pleased with the ‘Gang of Eight,’” he told attendees at an event hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center, shortly after he spoke with Republican leaders in the House.

To overcome opposition, Republican leaders should “change the conversation to how do we restore our greatness as a nation by sustained economic growth,” said Bush, who served two terms as governor of Florida…

“My hope is … they will not apply for citizenship,” Bush said, who may run for president in three or seven years. “They want to come out of the shadows and be treated with dignity and respect, they don’t necessarily want to be citizens,” he said.

It seems that Rubio isn’t the only flip-flopper in the GOP primary.