Jeb Bush Doesn’t Feel Bad for Hillary and isn’t Impressed with Trump

The current media hubbub around the race for the White House has to do with Donald Trump saying that Hillary Clinton got “schlonged” in her run against Barack Obama in 2008. Breathless liberals everywhere are arguing that this was a sexist, racist and vile attack on Mrs. Clinton by Trump. Conservatives everywhere are wondering why this seems to be a bigger deal than Hillary lying about Trump being used by terrorists as a propaganda tool. And presidential candidates just can’t believe that Trump has found yet another way to get even more media attention than normal.

Jeb Bush is one of those who seems exasperated by the constant media maelstrom surrounding Trump. When he was recently asked about the latest commotion between the candidates, he took a middle road neither defending Hillary nor excusing Donald.

“It’s not a sign of strength to use vulgarity to win,” Bush said “She’s great at being the victim. This will enhance her victimology status, this is what she loves doing.”

“Trump is not going to be president because he says these things — it turns people off. Heck, it’s two days before Christmas, lighten up.”