Israeli Prime Minister tells Obama – “Remember Who Your Ally Is and Who Your Enemy Is”

Last week must have been a roller coaster ride for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. First, he made the very controversial journey to the USA to speak to both Houses of Congress. This speech earned him both cheers from the right and jeers from the left, leaving his political clout in the USA in question. Then he went on to win Likud’s (his political party) primary race, ensuring that he would remain the leader of Likud in this next election. In just under 10 days he’ll learn if the people of Israel would like him and his party to continue leading their country into the future. Knowing that he may not have much time left, he is making every effort to sway American public opinion away from Obama and toward Israel.

On Sunday he appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer, where he chided President Obama to “remember who your ally is and who your enemy is.”

If we let our guard down now, [Iran] will have the [nuclear] weapon. As far as Tweets, if I had to choose, I would retweet something that relates to Iran, and that is the Supreme Leader Ayotollah Khamenei’s recent tweet in which he cites nine reasons Israel must be destroyed…

Even in these times of sometimes heated disagreement, I think it is useful to remember who your ally is and who your enemy is.