ISIS Recruiting Targets Points Up a Deep Problem

For many, the idea of helping to create a new society might sound exciting. You will be helping to shape a country, and being founders of the next great people. Romantic sounding, is it not? When we think of the great civilizations that have come upon the earth; we never think of these people having to lure others to their fold.

Rome, they conquered and assimilated. They did not have to recruit women to marry their legions. The Greeks did not have to search for great thinkers or an educated class to support and run their country. In fact, quite the opposite, there were Greeks and there were barbarians.

What about America? No, people were and are still begging to come here, even the professional class. Even Israel. They had people clambering to get in as they built their country. What about ISIS?

Well, as you would suspect, there are many flocking to come and fight. There are the malcontents and radicals who want to see them succeed and are willing to risk their lives. We should not be surprised, as with most revolutionary movement; there are those people naturally drawn to the hateful and the rebellious. These recruits are not what is so suspect of the society these people are trying to build.

There are now reports that there are recruiting videos for women and professionals. People who should be a natural outgrowth of a community. People, in place as you conquer who will fill these positions. They do this because they are Doctors, lawyers, business people, and yes even wives and mothers.

As we see this group attempt to establish their country, they have found that they are missing people. The reason that they are is simple. They cannot convince the intelligencia and mothers to go along with their hate and murder. They, without regard for the wholes in society that it creates, kill all that would oppose them.

What will happen is simple and easy to foresee. Even if they have some success in this effort, it will be short lived. They will only be able to attract those psychologically unable to assess the situation and the unwanted. These people will make for bad leaders in the community or worse, will have to be jailed or executed.

This society, which has shown itself to be so brutal that Iran denounced its tactic, will have to draw in people to replace those lost through execution or combat. There has been a great push to lure young girls to the occupied areas.

These girls are expected to marry jihadist and have their babies. This should be a hard sell; at least you would think it was a hard sell. It has not been as several people have been arrested attempting to aide the state in some way. One lady from Colorado and three American teens girls were caught outside the country attempting to get to Syria.

The need for these people to join the merry band of nuts in ISIS, tells us that there will always be those out of touch with reality. It also tells us that ISIS cannot survive and will never be a functioning country. It will continue to kill its best and brightests and have the ignorant murderer left.