ISIS Recruiter Discovered in Seattle

Our country is spiraling down a dark path, and it seems that all those in charge act as though there is nothing wrong.  The reason that this is happening is that those in charge cannot come out and speak the truth about this issue.  If they did they would be called bigots and hateful, they might even be sued.  So, while our colleges and universities have become havens for Muslim proselytizers, and organizations form that are pro-terrorists, we do nothing.  But it gets worse.  We have become like France.  We have ISIS recruiters in America.

Christian News reports   

A journalism student from Seattle has been uncovered as a prominent female ISIS recruiter, according to reports.

Rawdah Abdisalaam is believed to be behind the Twitter account @_UmmWaqqas, a now suspended page that called upon Muslims to join the Islamic caliphate. The account had 8,000 followers.

This young lady has been praising Allah and the Islamic State on Twitter.  She has been living a double life and has had success in encouraging women to support ISIS.  Several women have been associated with Abdisalaam.

Christian News reports

Abdisalaam is believed to have communicated with Keonna Thomas, a 30-year-old Philadelphia woman who was arrested earlier this year for attempting to aid ISIS. She is also suspected of communicating with two teenage girls from Colorado who were arrested in Germany as they were on their way to Turkey to join the Islamic State.

It is going to be very difficult to detect such people.  People like Abdisalaam lived just as any other college student.  She did not come off as an Islamist.  We have little hope of catching these people or those they recruit.  We will discover their religious convictions just before they attack.  Even Abdisalaam’s friends did not know.

According to Channel Four News, friends of Abdisalaam have expressed shock that she is behind the Tweets. However, they state that she is no longer in Washington and may have moved to another state or possibly out of the country. But the outlet says that it communicated with her anonymously via Twitter in March and noted that her IP address was in Seattle at the time. It also asked her if she was from Seattle, and she refused to reply, simply responding with “Bye” minutes later.

The thing that we need to see is that our placating to these people has not made them like us, nor have they stopped wanting us dead.  Rather than calm the hatred it has exasperated the desire to destroy America.  We have even encouraged these people to attack us and to kill innocent people.

Our weak stance against those who hate our society and our liberty has strengthened their position and has encouraged them to attack.  We have to show once again that we will not stand for this.