Is Iraq going the way of Iran?

There is no doubting that there is a growing divide between the two major factions of Islam. The Sunni and Shi’a Muslims are seeking to dominate or destroy each other. In Iran, this was accomplished, and now there is a Shi’ite ruling class. Along with their close ally Syria, Iran has been a supporter of terror in the Middle East. They have openly opposed the U.S. and the destruction of Israel. Now, the Shi’a majority in Iraq is now beginning to get aid and training from Iran. And this seems to be coming through in the way the government troops and their militia allies treat the citizens of Tikrit.

Reuters reports

Since its recapture two days ago, the Sunni city of Tikrit has been the scene of violence and looting. In addition to the killing of the extremist combatant, Reuters correspondents also saw a convoy of Shi’ite paramilitary fighters – the government’s partners in liberating the city – drag a corpse through the streets behind their car.

For some, this is not shocking. These two groups have hated each other, and there is always a score to settle in these kinds of wars. People, seeking revenge for the brutality that was just committed or for them not worshipping just as they do, commit atrocities against the innocent. But, what happens when these people come to power?

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Islamic State, an Al Qaeda offshoot that arose from the chaos in Iraq and Syria, slaughtered thousands and seized much of northern and central Iraq last year. The government offensive was meant not only to dislodge the group but also to transcend the fundamental divide in fractured Iraq: the enmity between the now-ruling Shi’ite majority and the country’s formerly dominant Sunni minority.

But what has to be understood is that these people lack an element of justice. They lack the biblical principle of Lex Talionis. An eye for an eye. Not that we seek and gain revenge, but that an appointed representative exact justice. What then should this look like in a war torn country such as Iraq? Not what is going on.

Reuters further reports

Near the charred, bullet-scarred government headquarters, two federal policemen flanked a suspected Islamic State fighter. Urged on by a furious mob, the two officers took out knives and repeatedly stabbed the man in the neck and slit his throat. The killing was witnessed by two Reuters correspondents.

No, under just leadership, this man would have been taken into custody. He would have faced a trial, with evidence and witnesses. He would have faced a punishment that fit his crime. See that is exactly the things that the Bible speaks of when it speaks of penal sanctions. When a man takes a life unlawfully, he forfeits his life. But we do not kill a man who is accused of murder unless or until it can be proven.

The kind of actions now taking place in Tikrit is an example of what is coming to Iraq. It is the version of justice that Iran has, no justice at all. And you can be sure that this is what they are seeking to establish in Iraq. Pray for the Christians in Iraq, they may not face any better days under the Iraqi government than under ISIS.