Is Iran Vying for influence in Iraq?

While the entire world has its eyes on ISIS and the Obama administration is courting any country as a potential ally; Iran may be making power moves in the region. Especially in Iraq. We know the tale all too well. The Soviet Empire was built by gaining influence when people had a great need. Look at all of the countries who fell under the tyrannical sway of the communists during and after WWII. Now the crisis is not in Nazi expansion but ISIS.

Fox reports 

Iraqi troops and Iranian-supported Shiite militias launching a large-scale offensive to retake Tikrit from the Islamic State without significant U.S. support is raising red flags.

Then, what we are finding is that Iran is happy to step in and fill the role America used to play.

Fox says

Regional experts Raymond Tanter and Steven Bucci told Tuesday they see this week’s military campaign as another sign Iran is trying to gain military influence in Iraq.

These advisors say that this level of involvement is not a good sign. There are indications that Shia militia groups already have Iranian Special Forces embedded in several of its units. They are serving as advisors, much like our special forces have done in the past.

Fox further reports

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated in a speech to Congress Tuesday there is no difference between the Islamic State and Iran. “When it comes to Iran and ISIS, the enemy of your enemy is your enemy.”

It is hard to fight the urge to overreact to both this news and to Netanyahu’s warning. We want to become angry because the Iranians are moving into court our ally. Our Allies are supposed to look to us for support. We should be advising these militia, not the Iranians.

We also have to stop ourselves when it comes to the Iranians. They have become the go-to bad guys. And for good reason. We have to be sure that we hear Bibi, and remember that no matter what ISIS does, the Iranians are the largest supporters of terror in the world. And while our delusional or nefariously negotiating president seeks to play kissy-face with Iran, they are now seeking to woo away our ally.

The question remains, why are the Iraqis accepting the Iranian’s help?

“They [Iraq] would rather rely on us, but the support has been so questionable from the Obama administration and in those Shia militias in particular … that [Iranian] influence is deeply embedded and engrained in every way … that’s problematic for us,” said Bucci, foreign policy studies director at the Heritage Foundation.

It seems that no matter the problem for America internationally, it can be traced back to Obama’s failures. He has either shown himself indecisive or foolish. What does it say when your allies have to go to your enemy for help?