Iraq Tank Sale Will Profit ISIS

Just in case you need the facts to convince you that something has to be done about ISIS. They are murdering thousands of people. They are beheading Christians for refusing to convert. They are winning on many fronts. And though they have slowed their advance as of late, they have the resolve and the equipment to win.
Unlike any Muslim force since the thirteenth century, ISIS is a well train and organized army. And like the Arabs, Mores, and Turks before them, they threaten to sweep across the middle east like a plague. If we do nothing, we might as well support their efforts.
Facing this horde of dedicated and well equipped murderers is the punch line of every American joke about Middle Eastern soldiers. Remember in the nineties all the laughs we had at the cartoon picturing Saddam Hussein running from an American missile while riding a camel. Funny stuff. Well, until you realize that those camel jockeys are the only people in the world standing between the murderous horde and vast oil fields and regional domination.
I have said all this so that you will understand what I am about to say. I do not want it sound as though I want simply to rip on the administration. Or that every decision they make is wrong, yet this seem the wrong thing.
Yesterday, AP reported that the Obama administration approved the sale of 175 Abram tanks to Iraq. This in light of what I just wrote seems like a good idea, but I have one caveat. Is Iraq not in the habit of fleeing the field and leaving their equipment, or worse, having it stolen before they can ever use it against ISIS.
There are reports of ISIS already having and using several Abrams in Syria and Iraq. I do not want to sound like I think everything Obama does is wrong. That every decision he makes is made to aid our enemies. But this looks a lot like that was his intentions.
Every decision that this administration has made has been wrong. The president had to be shamed into approving the surge when we were outmanned in both regions. Then, just as our enemies were on the ropes and almost destroyed we pull out. Now we are going to sent 3000 troops in as tactical support and for training.
This tank sale will not be completed as there will not be an Iraq to complete it with if things continue on this track. These people will serve as a speed bump to ISIS forces, and our tanks will be used against us and our allies.
Our handling of this ISIS situation particularly and the region in general has given me pause. I am no military expert, but we have done our interests more damage than good. And it reminds me of what God said he would do in judgment on a nation.
In Jeremiah 49:7-8, God says that as a consequence of his punishing Edom, wisdom is removed from the land. The people have fools for wise men. Is this not what it looks like when we see the decisions that our leaders make.
The reason that wisdom is removed is because we as a people and our leaders are determined to do what is right in our own eyes. More and more, unless we repent, this kind of foolish actions will drive us further and further to our own destruction.
May God grant repentant hearts to America before it is too late.