Hillary Trying Woo the Left in White House Bid

And so it begins. The season of cheer and giving have past, and the season of political jockeying begins. One of the most likely candidates for the DNC, Hillary Rodham Clinton, began last week. Clinton spoke at an award ceremony in New York City. She seemed bent on wooing the further left liberals and progressives.
Hillary has yet to come out and announce what most already suspect. She seems to be waiting, and the Washington Post says that the announcement could come as soon as Spring. Until then, Clinton has been mostly silent until recently.
At the Robert F. Kenny Gala Award Ceremony, Clinton began to speak on issues that will clearly show what she would do if put in the highest office in the land. Hillary would do exactly what Obama has done. She repeatedly, as of late, has placed herself in line with the president’s policies.
Obama’s speech writers could have written Hillary’s speech. She spoke of inequality of income and the legal system. Hillary spoke of Robert Kennedy and what his take would be on current issues and conditions in our country.
“What would Robert Kennedy say about the fact that still, today, more than 16 million children live in poverty in the richest nation on Earth?” She said.
What would he say about the fact that such a large portion of economic gains have gone to such a small portion of our population,”
“What would Robert Kennedy say to the thousands of Americans marching in our streets demanding justice for all? To the young people with their eyes open and their hands up?” This rhetoric was well received and cheered by the well dress wealthy crowd.
The next day, Obama made the announcement concerning Cuba. Hillary was quick to come out and said she supports normalization of relations with Cuba. No one said anything about the fact that the two positions cannot occupy the same moral high ground that the former Secretary of State and her supporters pretend.
How can you support treating thugs in Cuba as political equals and then claim to fight for human rights here in America? It is a truly schizophrenic stance on human rights. You are for justice and human decency or your not.
The problem that Hillary has is that she has taken the wrong side on both issues. It is amazing a woman as well educated and experienced could be so wrong.
We all know that it is not that amazing. She supports thugs who attack police officers and resist arrest and Communist thug dictators who murder and oppress their subjects.
As we creep ever closer to the presidential elections, watch how social justice and race take the forefront at home and the cry for one world community and forgiveness take the forefront abroad. Both will prove to distract the ignorant and lessen the harm of eight failed year and the worst administration since Carter.
It should take one fancy magic trick to gloss over all that the president and Hillary have done wrong. So do not be distracted by the lights and noise, it is not magic, only smoke and mirrors