Hillary Clinton Now Pretends to Oppose TPP but we Have Proof She’s Lying

Hillary Clinton has been very reticent to climb into the ring and join the fight for or against the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Her problem is that she has long been a supporter of the deal, and vocally so, but now the political tide from the left has turned against the trade deal, and Hillary doesn’t want to tick them off. So, for the last couple of months she has been doing her best to remain silent or evasive on the question of free trade and specifically TPA, TPP and TAA. Even her mouthpieces who regularly appear on cable news and the Sunday talk shows have obfuscated, evaded and covered up for Hillary on the trade issue (and other issues).

But she can’t hide from her record. She might like to pretend that she isn’t sure about TPP or even that she doesn’t think it’s perfectly done… but it’s all a lie, and we have the proof. The good people at the Washington Free Beacon have Hillary on video 24 different times praising and pushing TPP while she was Secretary of State!