Here’s an Example of God’s Judgment on America

Just how low can America sink? We see devotion to Satan’s principles in many of Washington’s political decisions. We have witnessed the infiltration of Satanism in many of our schools, the takeover of our churches (e.g. Clergy Response Teams) and in workplace. Now we are seeing blatant Satanism nearly everywhere and it is in our face.

The following is from the Lake Worth, Florida City Commission meeting on December 2, 2014.  Please see my comments below.

Earlier this week, I reported on a story in which a Pastor, who was a member of the Clergy Response Team, detailed his eyewitness account of how FEMA practiced shipping innocent Americans to FEMA camps. Pastors were to keep the peace, but could not mention God or Jesus in their ministry.

American soldiers are forbidden to wear Christian symbols, but American soldiers of Islamic faith are not.

Obama will not participate in the Christian National Day of Prayer, but he openly embraces Islam and is presently allowing tens of thousands of Muslims to immigrate to America, many of whom, are dedicated to Sharia Law.

The America Jurisprudence system is now seeing references to Sharia Law in American court cases. Sharia Law is what ISIS embraces as they behead westerners, many of whom are Christians.

Obama supports the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, comprising the present leadership in Egypt, as they persecute and execute Christians.

The pastors of tax-exempt churches are not allowed to preach on any topic of political significance even if it is in reference to the Bible. And most pastors go along with this.

The Pope has embraced the practice of homosexuality and the coming of the New World Order which is run by Satanists.

The MIAC report listed Bible-believing Christians as domestic terrorists!

Many pastors, who are part of NOVAD, are providing DHS with personal information about their church members. Some pastors are even acting as informants for DHS.

How long will it be until the Bible is banned and burned in America?

Satanism is in our face. It is ubiquitous. Just like homosexuality, it will soon become the “new normal.”