Governor Haley Refuses to Allow Unions to Play Both Sides of the Fence

In Wednesday’s State of the State address, SC Governor Nikki Haley fired back at the unions. Now that the Boeing Airline Plant in Charleston is open, there has been a push to unionize. The Unionization would add nearly 7500 workers to The International Association of Machinists. She said:

“The International Association of Machinists has never, never believed in us,” The Governor reminded them. “They sued us, they tried to shut us down. So, every time you hear a Seattle union boss carry on about how he has the best interest of the Boeing workers in Charleston at heart, remember this: If it was up to that same union boss, there would be no Boeing workers in Charleston.”

Fox reports that Governor Haley is not alone in this fight against the unions. They say:

“Boeing is helping Haley amplify the anti-union message. Chaney Adams, spokeswoman for the Republican governor, said the aerospace giant paid for a new radio ad in which Haley urges Boeing’s South Carolina workers not to join the union.”

This is the state and Boeing’s response to the IMA’s attempts to bring the union to Boeing’s Charleston plant. It is reported: “The labor union is using billboards and other media to wage its campaign.”

South Carolina is a right to work state, unlike Washington. This means that in South Carolina, union shops cannot require that employees join or pay dues. In Washington on the other hand, the employees have no say in whether they pay dues. This was the reason that the union fought so hard to keep the plant out of South Carolina.

What has to be seen is that for a company like Boeing, a move to a right to work state is the only way to stay in business. Boeing has for years been dedicated to keeping its plants in America. To do this and remain in the Union state of Washington was impossible.

Right to work states also have the advantage of lower cost of living rates compared to union states. So, though unions can boast higher wages, it takes that extra money to live there. The worker then is not benefitted by the money the unions provide. Many in union states believe that the only way to stop labor exploitation is to form unions. This is a false and outdated understanding.

With the rise of sweeping government regulation, unions are virtually obsolete. The only thing keeping them in business is the fear mongering of their leadership and bought politicians. This guarantees that new workers entering the labor force will be frightened into unions. It also guarantees laws that favor unions in state legislatures.

But this is not the worst part. There is the proof that the union has the bad effect of killing jobs and never creating job opportunities. Companies, force by union negotiators to syphon more profits into wages, are force to reduce the size of their work force. As well as rules that force workers to not work while machines are down, the laborer then is encouraged or made to steal. They receive a wage they have not worked for, and that is theft. There is also the things the union does to cut down on the number of jobs, which makes them anti-productive.

As proof of point, Reuters reported in August 2013 that this same union rejected a labor offer from Boeing.

The machinists strongly rejected a labor contract offer from Boeing that would have ensured the new 777X factory is located in Washington State. The rejection prompted Boeing to seek bids from more than a dozen other states.

The union rejected an almost sure increase in job opportunities in the state of Washington. Though there are many things that Haley gets wrong, she is right to keep the union out of the Charleston plant. Hopefully, South Carolina workers will have the liberty to negotiate employment for themselves.