Gofundme has Declared Raising Funds for Legal Fees Illegal as they Shut Down Baker’s Site

It is bad enough that the Kleins have lost their business. That they lost their legal battle has only made things worse. Now they have been told that their raising funds were funding an illegal act. This was gofundme’s justification for pulling the Kleins’ site.

Christian Headlines reports

“The GoFundMe account that was set up to help our family was shut down by the administrators of GoFundMe because they claimed it was raising money for an illegal purpose,” the Kleins said Saturday morning in a post on the Sweet Cakes by Melissa Facebook page. “We are working to get the account reinstated.”

The couple were fixing to have more difficulty, but this time legal. This was the purpose of the gofundme page.

Christian Headlines explains

A supporter of the Kleins had set up the fundraising page after an Oregon judge on Friday set a fine of $135,000 for the couple as punishment for declining to bake a wedding cake for two lesbians. The page had raised more than $66,000 before GoFundMe shuttered it. GoFundMe said the Kleins would be able to access the money raised so far.

So what was the illegal purpose? That is never really dealt with by the gofundme representatives. If they are referring to the refusing to bake a cake, it was not illegal when they had refused. And even if it had been, they are not raising money to not bake a cake. The only thing this money is to be used for is to pay the Kleins’ legal costs and finds.

Now this seems to be the real issue. The Kleins are receiving support from people across the country. People who think that these people should have the right to refuse to bake a cake if they feel that it would be sin for them to do so. And this is the real problem. If the Kleins have raise almost half the money so far, this fine might not hurt them at all. And we cannot have that.

According to Christian Headlines gofundme said

“After careful review by our team, we have found the ‘Support Sweet Cakes By Melissa’ campaign to be in violation of our Terms and Conditions and have removed this campaign,”

Paying legal fees are not illegal. In fact, it is quite the opposite. If the Kleins do not pay their fines, they could actually be said to be breaking the law. And I do not think that it is illegal to ask others for their assistance to pay these fines.

The Kleins are not without support or recourse. They have shifted their fund raising efforts as Christian Headline reports

In the meantime, the Kleins said supporters could donate to their cause through Samaritan’s Purse.

As I have pointed out several times before, if we are without a standard of law, tranny is inevitable. This is touched on in more detail in my book, An Eternal Covenant. Buy it at Amazon.