French Meet with Russians because they “Know” NATO Won’t Help!

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell dropped a bombshell on Morning Joe Thursday when she explained to viewers that the reason the French were meeting with the Russians was because France believes that their allies at NATO will do nothing to help them find justice for the recent attacks on Paris.

What does this say about the Obama administration and the effect their policies have had on our relationships with our allies?

Joe Scarborough: There has been the feeling for many of the defense community that Europe’s been on a vacation from history since 1945, when the United States basically won the war and said, we’re going to take care of your defense from this point forward.

Andrea Mitchell: Right. Certainly, NATO has been asleep. We saw NATO’s lack of response over and over again. [French President] Francois Hollande knows NATO will not respond [to these attacks]. That’s why he’s trying to create this unusual alliance of convenience with Russia and the U.S. And this is not easy. Even though there’s a common enemy and Russia now with the airplanes, knows it has to show, Putin wants to punish them, and he said there will be no mercy at all.

He wants to destroy ISIS. But even with that compelling impulse in Russia and France, getting these countries together, Hollande coming here and then going to Moscow… it’s difficult.

As jim was saying, the Russians don’t bomb the way we bomb. They are carpet bombing. You were saying this yesterday and all of our reporting, back this up. The damage assessment from what Russia is doing day after day… they’re running out of high quality targets… they are dropping old dumb bombs and the problem is they’re killing so many civilians… there’s going to be huge blow back from that…

Can I just say that Europe may have been asleep and France perhaps in the last six months didn’t respond aggressively enough after the Charlie Hebdo attacks. They did change surveillance rules.

But, where are the Arabs? They met this week in the Gulf Counsil and said we sympathize and mourn with you. They have not run any bombind missions — our very good friends, none of them have run any bombing missions. The last was in August or September. The Saudi haven’t done anything since February or March. They said they were in this. They were all in. The problem is that the Saudis are so tied down in Yemen that we are now having to resupply them and we supply them, sold them $1.29 billion in more munitions for Yemen because they’re running out of stuff.