Fox News Pundit Slams Ted Cruz

Fox News pundit Charles Krauthammer is a well-respected GOP intellectual who is quite popular on Fox News. So you may find it surprising when you see him attacking iconoclast Ted Cruz (R-TX). Cruz’s recent dustup with the GOP establishment seems to have left many hurt feelings within the Party, and they’ve had no problem attacking Cruz to make themselves feel better… but it’s sad to see one of our leading “thinkers” demagogue him too.

While Cruz’s fight against the omnibus bill (and last year’s shut down) may have been Quixotic, it was the fight conservative voters wanted the GOP to get in. Republican politicians only want to fight when they KNOW they can win… but we want to see them fight sometimes even when they know they can’t. Principles matter to conservatives… but apparently not to the GOP.

Here’s what Krauthammer had to say about Cruz on Monday night…

But Cruz is a very interesting guy. You heard in that clip, he said, you have to decide if you want to stand with the — I don’t know, with the administration or with the American people. His idea of conservatism is standing with making a statement rather than I think the conventional idea is doing something. Now, there was no way in which the objection he raised over the weekend was going to do anything, anything at all to stop the president’s executive order. A 12-year-old with a piece of chalk and a blackboard could have drawn a graph to show it was impossible. 

But what it did do is it gave Harry Reid the ultimate opening to use procedural tricks that today have given us the Surgeon General who believes that gun control is a health issue. So that’s his achievement thus far. We’re going to have a couple other of those as Harry Reid gets new appointees who otherwise would not have been nominated or approved into office as a result of the Cruz maneuver.