Five Months Of Gaps In Hillary Emails

Five months worth of messages are missing from the emails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returned to the government, according to documents newly obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

“A five month email gap,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said at the non-profit group’s inaugural Leadership Summit Monday. “I want an explanation about that.”

Some of the gaps were as long as a month or more, Fitton said.

Clinton submitted a statement to a federal court on Aug. 10 under the penalty of perjury that she submitted all of the required emails.

“These emails raise questions whether Clinton told the truth last month,” Fitton said.

Also, State Department rules show that presidential appointees departing the department may not take federal records with them as they leave, according to Fitton.

Clinton claimed the emails she didn’t turn over were of a personal matter.

It’s “malarky” that the emails Clinton withheld were of a personal nature, Fitton said. He said her personal emails were “intertwined and indistinguishable” from work-related emails and federal records.

“I suspect that federal courts will want more information about these documents,” Fitton said. “We’ll be getting more info on these requests, so who knows what else is in there.”