The Fight is Set over Keystone Pipeline as Congress Approves Bill

Both sides have been posturing for this fight for months. Both the President and the Republican lead Congress have stated that they are willing to fight this out. Obama is making it known that he would without discussion veto the bill if it reached him. Now, we can expect the bell to ring on this fight in the next week or so.

Fox is reporting:

The House gave final congressional approval Wednesday to legislation to complete the Keystone XL oil pipeline — setting up the first veto showdown between President Obama and the new, Republican-controlled Congress.

This means that the bill is approved and has passed completely through the legislative branch. It only needs the President’s signature, and construction would continue. What this means is that we would have Canadian oil being sent in a pipeline straight to our refineries in the Gulf. No more Canadian oil shipped on American Highways. It would also mean that this oil would arrive faster.

Many have questioned the safety of the pipeline. They point to the recent increase in pipeline accidents as proof that this would be a bad ecological move.

Huffington Post reported:

An Associated Press review of government records shows accident numbers growing steadily since 2009, reversing a decade-long decline.

Almost half the pipeline-related accidents since 2009 involved lines or equipment installed more than 40 years ago, according to records on more than 250 accidents that were reviewed by The AP and included age information.

The problem is that much of the pipeline is ready to be replaced. This means that the XL pipeline would actually help cut down on the amount of spills in the immediate future. Environmentally, the best thing is the new pipeline for the two factors already highlighted. There will be less oil trucks on the road and the old pipelines are ready to go off line and will be replaced by new and safer pipe.

Despite this:

“As we have made clear, the president will veto this bill,” a White House official told Fox News Wednesday night.

Many point to the fact that Obama’s buddy Warren Buffet owns the trucks carrying the Canadian oil. That Buffet would be cut out of those profits if the pipeline goes through. There is also that which W.Va. Sen. Joe Manchin told Fox & Friends. “We will be buying oil from our friendliest ally.” Who does not think this is better than buying from those who have been accused of working against us? Not to mention that instead of shipping the oil over land, we ship it over the ocean.

With it clear that the environment will be benefited by this project, the workers of American will be benefitted, and it will make us stronger and safer, why not do this? It seems that there is several reason that the President would veto this bill. His buddy Warren loses money if he passes the bill. The environmentalist nuts will stop supporting him. And though I hate to say it, the President has done all he can to make America weaker. The XL makes us stronger and less vulnerable. This may be the biggest reason for him to veto.