Embattled World Leader Implies that the USA Is No Longer Leading – and the Terrorists are Taking Advantage

For some time now, maybe years, one of the charges Republicans have been leveling at President Obama is that his administration has left a vacuum of leadership on the world stage. The idea seems to be that Obama, through either negligence or ineptitude, has abdicated our position as the leader of the free world. In doing so, the Obama administration has made it possible for others to step in and bend the direction of our planet’s history in ways it should not go.

For example, in recent days, the nations of Russia, China, and Iran have pushed old, accepted boundaries past the breaking point and drawn entirely new lines of acceptable international conduct. Russia has literally conquered nations in their ever-growing effort to dominate Eastern Europe. China has poked and prodded their satellite nation, North Korea, into antagonizing South Korea and worrying Japan, even while China itself has begun flexing its own muscle and pushing into Japanese and Taiwanese waters. In fact, China’s moves have been so worrisome that it’s brought them closer to war with Japan then they’ve been since WWII. Iran now effectively owns 4 other national capitals. Today Iran Today Iran is molding the Middle East into a new Soviet Union-like bloc – where these nations remain separate but powerless satellites of Tehran. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen are all now simply vassals of the greater power in Iran.

It’s not all President Obama’s fault – but it is MOSTLY to do with his administration’s foreign policy priorities and decisions.

“…It has become increasingly apparent that the United States has no intention of challenging Iran’s sway in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Gone are the days when the American priority was containment of Iran in the region. Under Barack Obama, the U.S. appears to favor a new regional order in which Iran will be granted a choice role.”

russia-resetThis is what the Obama Team used to call “smart power.” Remember Hillary’s Russian “Reset”? All of this has been a purposeful (and sometimes incidental) part of the Obama administration’s overall foreign policy philosophy. Preaching this philosophy was how Obama won his Nobel Prize, by the way. This new methodology was supposed to usher in a new era of American foreign power – one where our nation was not just feared, but also liked.

Sadly, it didn’t work. We are no more “liked” than we were 6 years ago, and now the world is a much more dangerous place.

It’s not just conservatives who think so either.

In a recent and telling interview with the Washington Post, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi warns the world that Egypt is on the cusp of collapsing into anarchy.

Al-Sissi warns that his nation’s fight against radical extremist Islam is all consuming, and that the threat (and force) aligned against Egypt grows every day. He has a close relationship with Israel (the two nations are strategic allies), and he knows that the Islamists would love to end that partnership by destroying Egypt’s government. President al-Sissi believes that the United States’ support in the fight could swing the balance of power to Egypt’s side, but he worries that President Obama does not have the will to fight the terrorists. In fact, when asked about how Egypt could win the fight here, this was al-Sissi’s response:

What is the answer?

This requires everybody to help Egypt more. . . . We have monumental threats in the region. Only yesterday the terrorists in Libya kidnapped eight oil workers and slaughtered them. . . . And now what should the U.S. do? You are just watching.

You feel there is a vacuum of U.S. leadership?

I didn’t say that.

But do you feel that way?

Egypt has a population of 90 million. If this country fails, the whole region will slide into a cycle of anarchy that will represent a grave danger to all countries in this region, including Israel, and would extend to Europe.

Even as he attempts to be diplomatic about things, Egypt’s President could barely conceal the fact that the USA, under Obama, has become impotent in our efforts in the Middle East.

What does it say about us and our affect on the war on terror when our allies in the Muslim world no longer count on our help? When they no longer even expect it?

The Obama administration has left a power vacuum that the world’s worst, most evil actors are rushing to fill. Shame on the American people for doing this, shame on the voters who elected Barack Obama and allowed him and his team of sluggish do-nothings and immoral, covetous socialists to take the reins of leadership over our nation. The world needs and deserves better leadership from America and we are the generation who have failed them.

Now we need to right these wrongs.