Elizabeth Warren Sounded like a Conservative Concerning TPP Wednesday

We have all been guilty of having double standards. Whether it was concerning rules of a child game, dating issues with our children or work. We rarely see that what is good for the goose is good for the gander. But, nowhere is this double standard more popular than in Washington politics. And Elizabeth Warren and her Congressional allies have recently pulled a big double standard.

The Washington Times reports  

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Democrat, is hitting back at the

Obama administration over a proposed free trade deal with Pacific-rim countries, calling for the government to release more details on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

As I have reported earlier, this trade deal is bad for our country. We are in for more unemployment and less quality choices on our shelves. It will not matter if the products cost less, if we have no money to purchase them with, what good are they? I wrote this.

Here is the issue. If you did not like the way the Democrats handled the healthcare vote, this should bother you as well. If you thought NAFTA was a bad deal, then you are going to hate this treaty. But what is worse, this treaty will concede American sovereignty.

The thing that should cause the conservative to step back and scratch his head is that the president has the support of most Republicans on this fast track. I am aware that most Republicans are big business, and I have come to terms with that, but I smell a rat. Why are the Republicans and the President on the same side here? Because it is a good deal? Probably not.

Warren continues

“The administration says I’m wrong – that there’s nothing to worry about,” Ms. Warren wrote in a blog post Wednesday. “They say the deal is nearly done, and they are making a lot of promises about how the deal will affect workers, the environment, and human rights. Promises – but people like you can’t see the actual deal.”

And here for me is the rub. Senator Warren is making a Tea Party argument. How can she come out and pull such a thing when she was silent on Obamacare? Well, simply put, it is a double standard. Warren does not want a thing hid from her but does not mind hiding things from you.

When the heath care reform was in the debate stage, it was a common concern that no one had read what it said. No one knew what was in the law and therefore it brought fear and anger to many in America. And the same thing that the American people were saying at the time, the Democrats are saying now.

“If most of the trade deal is good for the American economy, but there’s a provision hidden in the fine print that could help multinational corporations ship American jobs overseas or allow for watering down of environmental or labor rules, fast track would mean that Congress couldn’t write an amendment to fix it. It’s all or nothing,” she wrote. “Before we sign on to rush through a deal like that – no amendments, no delays, no ability to block a bad bill – the American people should get to see what’s in it.”

Would it not be good if we had the same standard for ourselves that we wish to impose on others.