Donald Trump Attacks Ben Carson for 9 Long, Mean Spirited Minutes

I know that many of you are Donald Trump fans, but on Thursday he gave the perfect example of why I can’t and won’t support him. During a speech in Iowa, Trump spent 9 long, heart-wrenching and mean-spirited minutes trashing a good man. Trump’s disgusting behavior epitomizes everything many of us conservative pundits have been warning you about for months; in his best moments Trump is unscripted and “honest,” but at his worst he is rude, spiteful, malicious and downright nasty.

Our friend and Iowa’s most important political observer, Steve Deace, explains why Trump’s attacks on Dr. Ben Carson are so disturbing.

Watch all 9 minutes of this like I did. This broke my heart. I like Donald, and he’s been used in a mighty way to dismantle the GOP establishment in this primary (which we owe him a debt of gratitude for). But this is embarrassing. Maybe the most embarrassing 9 minutes I’ve ever seen from a GOP presidential candidate. And when your last two nominees are Romney and McCain, that’s saying something.

There’s no other way to describe this other than a complete meltdown, and if you watch the reaction of most of those sitting in the background it’s clear they’re not comfortable with it, either. This isn’t “Trump being Trump” or “telling it like it is.” This is conduct unbecoming of the highest office in the world. I highly doubt you build a multi-billion dollar, global conglomerate talking to people like this. If his goal was to hurt Ben Carson I suspect it will have the exact opposite impact.

What’s happening here is a candidacy built on saying outrageous (and often necessary) things is now like the proverbial dog who catches the car. Trump has come to the fork in the road — either become even more outrageous or evolve from provocateur to leader. If you truly want to be president you do the latter, but if you don’t you do the former and act out all the more to self-eliminate (think Ross Perot 1992).

Watch for yourself and decide which is happening here.

If you’re still defending Trump after watching that performance… I’m giving up on ever changing your mind.